Positive aspects of real estate privatization

The next extension of the free privatization of housing, on the one hand, gave the opportunity to citizens who did not have time to privatize housing, to do this, on the other hand, slowed down the process of forming a social housing fund and complicated the problems of poor owners. The need for extension, according to State Duma deputies, was caused by an increase in the number of people who want to privatize their housing. In addition, the financial crisis led to a large number of construction projects, thereby delaying the resettlement of emergency housing, and not allowing potential owners to arrange their real estate, which also served as an argument to extend the terms of privatization.

What are the positive aspects of privatization?

 citizens receive the right to completely dispose of their real estate – to bequeath, give, sell, register in it, at their discretion, any number of people.

 in case of demolition of the house, the owner will receive full compensation for the cost of the apartment and the cost of moving.

 renting an apartment becomes much easier.

Who lost from extension? These are poor segments of the population, for which the only opportunity to improve their living conditions is hiring a housing from the state fund, the formation of which is inhibited, due to this situation. It is also worth remembering the citizens who, after its privatization, will simply not be affordable, as a result of sharply increased costs of real estate tax, which in the future will be calculated from the market value of housing. In addition, all expenses associated with the maintenance and overhaul of the house itself will fall on their shoulders. This category of citizens needs to be carefully weigh everything before arranging property for occupied housing. In extreme cases, if a privatized apartment lies with a heavy burden on the budget, you can return it back to the property of the state, the deadlines for deprivatization are also extended. But, all this has one significant positive side – due to an increase in the private housing stock, the collectibility of property tax will increase, which will give additional funds for the development of the social housing fund and solve other social problems.

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