In which cities do investors from Ukraine buy real estate

Yanek decided to urgently start looking for investors who want to participate in the Ukrainian economy. It is not clear how many such persons will be found and how it all ends. At the moment, people buy real estate in the Czech Republic and try to protect their finances. And here is such a search for investors at the state level!

For years, foreigners complain that it is difficult to work in Ukraine, and the government has been looking for everything.

Locals, on the contrary, try to withdraw money from the country and purchase some resort real estate. I think that the Czech Republic, Spain, Montenegro and Bulgaria will be most interesting for buying. Moreover, for any normal budget, people will find options for themselves.

It is stupid to think that in the near future Ukraine will become a legal state. Where to keep the money? Real estate will be perfect in this regard. Moreover, in my opinion, it is best to distribute the money so that part of the banding is abroad, and part in Ukraine.

During the times of crises and shocks, real estate always helped out everyone who cared for their money. It is impossible to count on the mercy of the state that does not see an ordinary Ukrainian and does not try to help him with something.

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