In Germany, there was a shortage of good living space

For lovers to purchase housing abroad, there are disappointing statistics. For example, in Germany there is a shortage of good living space. After some ten years, this issue will be completely acute and even indigenous people will have to be tight. There is a plus that such an embarrassment will not affect the eastern part of the European country. In one of the institutes, a study was conducted, which showed that about four hundred thousand new apartments should be built to maintain the situation. And in the end, this figure barely reaches a mark with a number 200. For this reason, lovers of this country can so far say goodbye to the dream of buying a comfortable and regarding budget housing there..

The experts had to sweat pretty much to find out where such a global deficit of the apartment fund came from. Many aspects were taken into account, we attribute here, living conditions and their hesitation, demographic bursts and so on. It was possible to highlight one of the nuances, households grow with great force, but the quantity living there people decreases. Seeking fuel prices and transports leading to the fact that residents of country houses are trying to leave from there forever. In addition, in Germany, elderly people show more care, houses for them are equipped with specialized devices. If earlier in the country there were only 20% of pensioners from the total population, then after 10 years there will be about a third. The most scarce areas include Bavaria, since the crisis situation has already come there. Over time, it will only worsen, since a large number of new living space is not expected. In Germany, there are no plans for so many apartments in order to at least not give the situation to worsen. Among other things, in the Bavarian part, this deficit originates since 2003, it was then that the housing stock began to experience problems. Another nuance that does not allow developers to get out of this bondage. Before the crisis situation, he should have had an amount equal to a tenth of the total estimate. Now the state requires the introduction of half of the total cost, which represents completely impossible conditions. So, future emigrants should delete Germany from their list for the next twenty years. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting housing of dubious quality at the astronomical price.

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