Varieties of hotel hotels: everyone will find to their taste

In the Middle Ages, the Venetian sailors, noticing, dark pine forests on the slopes of Mount Kholchen, dubbed the country of Monte Negro, “Black Mountain” or Montenegro.

60% of the country is not at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level. Thus, in the middle of the season you can ski and swim in the sea on the same day!

On the coast, sandy beaches alternate with gear cliffs.

In the center is the pearl of Montenegro – the Kotorskaya Bay, the southern fjord in Europe, which penetrates 28 km deep into the country.

Coastal cities, like Kotor, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, they are imprinted by the Venetian Renaissance and Austrian Baroque.

So, the best resorts of Montenegro are waiting for you, be sure to visit this charming country.

Hotels of Kotor

Several hotels are collected here, located in the old city of Kotor, enchanting the UNESCO World Heritage Object.

Choose one of these hotels in order to spend the night in it, being a stone’s throw from stunning landscapes, restaurants and lively places of the old city of Kotor.

Hotel Villa Duomo

Located in the house, which used to belong to the noble nobility, the Villa Duomo hotel offers 13 rooms of various sizes.

The amenities in the rooms are presented in the form of a jacuzzi, a massage chair and a plasma TV. Of some numbers, an excellent look opens up.

Hotel Vardar

VARDAR Hotel consists of 18 rooms, 4 duplicans and 1 luxury, bedrooms go to historical area. Turkish bath, sauna and cigar room.

Hotel Astoria

Astoria Hotel was a real Gothic castle of the 14th century.

The hotel has 9 rooms with an individual design, with modern surroundings and free access to the Internet through Wi-Fi.


The Cattaro hotel is named after the old name of the city of Kotor.

Seventeen numbers and 3 luxury are located in the princely palace, the city patrol tower, and the Napoleon Theater – three historical buildings opposite the main square (arms square or weapon).

Rendez-Vous hotel

Located in the upper north-eastern part of the old city of Kotor, the Rendez-Vous hotel has 9 rooms and 5 luxury.

There is nothing special in the rooms, but this hotel is the most affordable option than other hotels located closer to the center.

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