How to protect your rights when renting an apartment

The number of fraud, when renting an apartment, is growing exponentially, and only the tenant himself can protect himself from such unlawful actions of the lessor.

If the lessor of real estate without warning raises a fee for an apartment or requires early eviction, thereby not fulfilling the terms of the contract, the tenant can go to court and protect his rights. In this case, it is necessary to provide the original of the bilateral agreement between the owner of the apartment and you. The agreement must be signed and certified by a notary. The notary will study the documents of the lessor before the assignment of the agreement, which offers its property and will reveal whether the lessor is the owner of the apartment. The situation when the landlord is not the owner of the apartment is very common. If this fact is found out already during the trial, then you most likely do not defend your rights. In this case, law enforcement agencies will be punished in this case for the provision of false information.

The head of the Main Directorate for the Control of the Improvement of Kyiv, Sergei Sadovy, believes that each owner of the apartment must be warned that they must be given reliable data, since the provision of fake documentation and documents is a criminal. For falsification of documents you can be in prison with a period of up to five years.

Typically, the owner of the apartment requires a fee for a few months in advance. If you are evicted from the apartment after you have given the money and do not return it, then from the owner of the housing you can recover material and moral compensation through the court. But for this it is necessary to prove the fact of transferring money to you for housing. Payment for the apartment must be carried out in cash and issued by receipt on payment. Only in this case the lessor will be able to protect his rights. Often the lessor does not want to register an agreement, but lawyers strongly advise the tenant to demand from the owner of the apartment to carry out this registration.

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