How to correctly redevelop in the apartment

For each person, the apartment is the very corner where he wants to return from work and where he can relax and relax. That is why it should be comfortable and convenient. This is especially true for the private sector. Now the trend is such that the Divnomorsky private sector must be redeemed in the spirit of apartments and luxury. Unfortunately, modern apartments are far from perfect, they have small rooms and narrow corridors. Often a person does not suit the layout, I want to install or remove the partition, thereby increasing or decreasing this or that room.

Magazines, the Internet is simply full of ideas on how to turn an ordinary apartment into a comfortable and comfortable housing. The right decision during the repair will be if a person will rely on his ideas about comfort and redeveloped according to fashion trends.

The redevelopment is a laborious process if everything is carried out in accordance with the norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to collect certain documents and obtain permits for the redevelopment of the apartment. With fashionable redevelopment of documentation, much more is required.

Fashionable redevelopment consists in installing, replacing or transferring equipment, expansion of space, etc. D. The difficult actions of such a redevelopment include:

– creation or removal of window or doorways;

– installation of air conditioners for several rooms at once;

– glazing loggias and balconies.

The permission of higher bodies is not required for cosmetic repair of the apartment; installation and dismantling of built -in furniture; replacement of engineering equipment; when transferring gas plates.

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