Housing rental factors in the Crimea: what is coming from

Modern tourists are spoiled by offers of cheap, but comfortable rest. To date, it is much cheaper to relax and rent an apartment in the center of Chisinau with a European -renovation than in Crimea, therefore, at the moment, resort cities of Crimea, arranged a real war for the attention of tourists and in this war the one who offers the lowest housing rental.

Sociological survey showed that in popularity now the resorts of Crimea are located in the following order: Evpatoria, Sudak, Feodosia, Yalta. Such a rating was not formed by chance, the whole point is that in Yevpatoria the cheapest housing rental, respectively, tourists in Yevpatoria will be more and there will be more money there will be left there. As analysts assess the price of housing rental in Crimea this year will remain at the same level. Moreover, quite a few owners of real estate prefer to reduce the cost of rent by five to seven percent, preferring to guarantee their own rental, since last season, far from all homeowners were able to find tenants, as they set too high rental price. Of course, there are also those who, on the contrary, traditionally raised the price of rental housing, but basically these are the owners of real estate that are counting on VIP clients. Accordingly, in the calculation of such guests, they repaired their housing, preparing it for the new season. As always, vacationers this season will be in great demand for housing, which is a small house, without much amenities. This is the most economical option, but do not forget that the spa are arrived in order to stay at sea, and not sit at home.

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