House -Anding is a studio and exhibition space

The delightful image of the construction, which is called Gue (Ho) ST House, simply holds out the eyes of the visitors, surprising by its unusual aesthetic appearance. The purest white color and the fluid form created by nature itself perfectly convey those features of the house-approval that remain in memory for a long time.

House -Anding is a studio and exhibition space. But at the same time, it is the property of the Center for Contemporary Art of one of the French cities – Delm. This structure is known for its rich and interesting history. In a variety of years, this building was either a prison, then a funeral bureau, then a school. In the late nineties of the 20th century, the French municipality decided to revive the dilapidated building. So the cultural center was created here.

This year, the art center celebrates its twentieth anniversary. By this date it was decided to seriously prepare and carry out major repairs. Work on the new design was entrusted to artists Marie Pezhu and Christoph Berdager. They worked perfectly on the new image of an ancient building. Now the new appearance appeared before us in a close interweaving of the distant past and future, where the echoes of antiques are perfectly combined with the most modern ideas. The artists have selected the name of this project – Gue (Ho) ST House, which means house -prison.

The facade of the building is designed in such a way that it resembles a ghost from the cartoon – a sort of good -natured casper. But, in general, the updated building causes conflicting associations. For example, on French sites, visitors have repeatedly expressed the opinion of visitors that the building does not resemble a ghost, but simply chewing gum. But, despite the very different opinion of visitors, the majority considers this composition a rather attractive.

The artists used polystyrene to update the building, which was processed from above with resin. Then everything was painted white.

So far, the new Ghost project is not completely completed. In the near future, they intend to open a research center for various educational events. It was decided to use the highest floor as studios where artists, art historians, interns can work.

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