Hotel Yakhont provides different types of recreation

We decided to approach the choice of rest thoroughly. We had to carefully study many websites and, in the end, we decided to choose a vacation at the Yakhont Hotel.

We studied all the information provided on the official website of this comfortable and modern hotel very carefully. We were literally interested in everything: detailed information about rooms in the hotel itself, the adjacent territory, the cost and possible options for its wire time. From this official website you can also talk with an attentive and polite consultant who will explain everything in detail and will answer absolutely all your questions.

We decided to arrange the vouchers in the online mode through a special reservation form. Since we did not have a car, it was very useful to have a transfigure. After booking, the manager called us, and we confirmed our order. Next, we made an advance payment (also in the online mode), because it was so convenient for us. Then the courier came to us and personally handed us our vouchers.

Now briefly about the hotel itself, we were not lied to the photograph that were presented on the official website of the hotel, neither the information provided. Our numbers were very bright and cozy in excellent condition, and food was distinguished by excellent quality. In this hotel, the infrastructure really works. You can come and make sure of it yourself. Here the rest is organized at the highest level.

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