Crab hotels are hotels for youth recreation

Firstly, it will not be superfluous to emphasize that the country we are talking about beautiful, charming and smiling about. In any case, in front of me she appeared just such. Thank you very much, I must tell the tour operator for organizing our entire trip, for the first time we did not worry before the phrase tour on credit. There are a lot of cafes, bistro, daily there is beautiful music, you can sit and listen. And which is very pleasant – only a couple of minutes walk to all attractions. Thepparat Lodge turned out to be better than they write in the reviews. In the hotel we liked everything without exception! The hotel is located in the center of the city of Krabi, so before the evening fun a stone’s throw.

Crab hotels are located for youth holidays, everything is for funny parties here. The hotel has almost new, not wiped furniture in the hotel, everything that took with them Thepparat Lodge will fit and are going to take it back. They fed are not bad and diverse, the kitchen has changed regularly a little, two bars. Friendly staff, no dissatisfied persons. The hotel is designed for a relaxing vacation, here on any day there is an interesting occupation. The climate is certainly very different from our. We somehow did not think about this before the trip. If you want to take a break from children and relatives – enjoy romantic relationships and plunge into the European Resort – you here. I was in different hotels and I can’t, of course, say that it is really a high -class hotel. This is a reasonably good European 3.

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