Brusie houses are economy class cottages, features

Houses for giving the price of economy class are tested in practice and are considered the best layout option.

The building from the beam has a full range of pluses, anyone can experience any person. This, among other things,:

– Relatively low price. This is cheap, which is logical, because the investment for seasonal residence and relaxation is large money, often, elementary in vain.

– Safety of material. The environmental purity of technology and raw materials used to build structures is considered an irrefutable plus.

– Long life. All cheap wooden country houses are durable.

Turnkey construction expects to perform the installed work cycle:

– The design of the foundation: the image and dimensions of the base are determined by the masters, expiring from the soil, design calculations and the project of the country house.

– Building a log house and logs depending on the chosen material.

The construction of houses from timber is a design of aesthetic housing, which will always delight with beauty.

Wood – universal material for the construction of country houses: warm, breathing, organically fitting into the interior. The use of wood, will turn the construction of country houses into art.

– Roofing. Modern materials are used that have a high degree of strength, constraint to UV radiation, mechanical damage.

– A wiring of an electric network is needed.

– Grounding device and interior turning room decoration. High -quality wood, lining and sexual board are used only chamber drying

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