Why are investors draw up a mortgage in Japanese yen

We will continue to issue loans in Japanese yen until July 15, 2008. Playing the lending program in Yens was quite successful. Judge for yourself: in just three months of work, the volume of a mortgage portfolio in the Japanese currency amounted to about 3.5 billion. yen.

Initially, the lending campaign in the yen was temporary – until April 15, however, having these results, the bank decided to extend the program until July 15. In this currency, customers can count on the lowest rate of existing markets in foreign currency – 6.45%.

The peculiarity of lending in Japanese yen is that the ruble exchange rate relative to the yen is very changeable. It may happen that at some period of time the client will have to pay a loan for several thousand rubles more. Choosing a Japanese currency for a loan, the client should clearly understand this.

But, despite the currency risks, many borrowers make a choice in favor of yen. The main incentive, as a rule, is that when lending to the yen, the loan amount can be about 20% more than when a mortgage in more familiar currencies. This is especially important during the period of rapid increase in prices in the housing market, when the cost of the apartment is constantly increasing.

We are sure to warn customers about the possible change in the course of Ien and the probability of increasing payments. But half of the borrowers, choosing between one -room or two -room apartments, are ready to take such risks. Let’s say, today the average rate on ruble loans is 12% per annum, and 6.45% for yen. Family with an income of 45 thousand. rub. can take about 2.2 million. rub. In the first case or in equivalent – 3.2 million. rub. (after recalculation from yen).

Moreover, surprisingly, this program is very popular among residents of the regions: of all loans issued in the yen, two -thirds found recipients in the province. Most likely, people are striking a significantly lower rate. And in what currency it is – it is no longer very important for them.

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