Where in Russia to relax in the summer: how to rent a house

With the onset of summer, we strive to relax. Where can you spend a vacation in Russia? In our country, there are many climatic conditions that allow both to sunbathe on the beach by the sea and skiing in the mountains, travel to rare places, such as caves, lakes. Therefore, each city has its own options for renting real estate objects.

For convenience, it is profitable to book rented housing via the Internet or by phone. In the first version, this can happen through a site where discounts on online orders are often provided.

Everyone has long known resort cities, such as Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik. Here the climate allows adults and children to live. You can swim in the Black Sea, water parks, entertainment parks are built for children. Dolphinaries live dolphins, sea cats and other mammals and fish.

If you are interested in attractions, then reserve housing in ancient cities in advance. Russia is famous for them and they are not only in older cities, but also in new. The White Sea-Baltic Canal began to function on August 2, 1933 and connected the White Sea with the Onega Lake, which is part of the Baltic basin. Due to this structure, the path from the White Sea to the Baltic was reduced by 4000 km.

For church visitors, a Nikolskaya church was built, which is now in Belomorkanal in the village.

If there is a desire to live in wild conditions, then there are options such as eating a house in the forest away from civilization. You can get out for nature, live in tents. Do not forget the ointments from mosquitoes, mosquito nets. As you can see, in Russia there are different recreation options. In the mountains along the river you can go down with rafting and catch extreme sensations, for example, when descent from high slopes.

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