What benefit can be obtained from the privatization of housing

After the adoption of the Federal Law on Housing privatization, most citizens decided that this is a profitable procedure. Without thinking about everything, they rushed to collect documents and privatize the available housing.

Only later it became clear that privatization was not profitable, since for many amounts in receipts for utilities increased markedly. The poor persons, according to the Housing Code of Russia (Article 20), received the right to transfer their privatized apartments back to the property of the state. At the same time, local bodies are required to accept these apartments, and with their former owners to conclude a social rental agreement, after which urgent sale of apartments

Privatization also affects whose forces a cosmetic or overhaul of the building should be carried out. If all apartments are privatized in the house, that is, the municipality now cannot be responsible for the condition of the house, then the repair will have to be carried out by the forces of the residents themselves. It turns out that an apartment that has become unsuitable for living, for example, in the case of a fire, is only a problem of its owner (and if it were municipal housing, the owner should be provided with a new apartment).Finally, deprivation is beneficial to lonely pensioners who are difficult to pay for the rise in price of utilities, while living on housing under social rental contracts, these payments are noticeably less.

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