What are land relations

About a third of all possible real estate options in the Leningrad region in the low -rise housing market fall on the plots located near the reservoirs. For many customers, this is a very significant indicator, they even agree to overpay a little – if only every day to be able to admire the sunset over the Finnish bay from their veranda, or even have their own beach.

The ignorance in the legal nuances related to the construction of housing near reservoirs may lead to the fact that your bulldozers have just built a house will be equal to the ground. Defenders and supervisory authorities do not sleep, several cases of this kind already have.

The price of the issue

The closer the land is to the reservoir, the more expensive its cost. Naturally, the reservoir reservoir, and a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea, which is located right behind the fence, is not at all the same as a small sandy quarry two hundred meters from a country. By the way, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, there is just the main demand of fans to settle by the water. Almost half of them (45%) choose cottage villages in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region. Although, some of them acquire plots not on the shores of the bay, but lakes. One of the four buyers prefers the colorful surroundings of Vuoksa located in the Priozersky district. About 12% of the total demand falls on the lakes of the Vsevolozhsk district, Ladoga Lake is in particular demand. Other 18% are approximately equally distributed between other reservoirs of the 47th region, while bypassing the farthest areas-the subporal and Lodeinopol. Only 30% of all buyers of real estate outside the city purposefully buy plots next to the reservoirs, and the matter is not at all in the well.

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