Mercure Bangkok Siam: Description of the hotel complex

Hand on the heart, we can emphasize that Thailand is, of course, not Italy. At least, you can already draw specific conclusions. They were afraid that there would be problems, everything turned out to be much better. The territory of the complex itself is very beautiful, a lot of greenery. Mercure Bangkok Siam is an unimaginable hotel, but however, it all depends on how much you pay. Well -groomed beautiful territory, good well -groomed park. We had a main building on the 3rd floor with a magnificent view of the surroundings.

The number is excellent, very comfortable and modern, the bathroom is also wonderful. There is a territory with a beautiful inner garden and pool. Grass in Mercure Bangkok Siam is tonsured, rose bushes, palm trees, some shrubs with a huge number of magnificent colors. Yes, about breakfast… Good breakfasts, fruit every day. In bars, alcoholic and non -alcoholic cocktails are made. There is a great gym. Travel insurance was issued on the trip. For entertainment daily show programs. Animation at the hotel is excellent and tries very much, every evening there was a new show. The weather changes often and always unexpectedly. This mood did not spoil us. I liked everything: a wonderful sea, an amazing underwater world, beautiful open people, fabulous weather.

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