Interest on a mortgage raised: who can now draw up an agreement

Almost half of the large Russian banks recently raised interest rates on mortgage loans. According to experts, such a situation arose due to instability in world financial markets. According to experts Bank Europe Credit Nizhny Novgorod, the financial institutions again faced the threat of default of large borrowers, so their risks are more carefully insured.

According to bankers, the average level of raising bets is not yet very high-they have become higher by 1-1.5%. In those banks where the rates did not increase, they have found other ways to minimize financial risks – for example, the transition from floating interest rates to fixed and the termination of loans in foreign currency. The requirements for the solvency of customers have also changed – they on earth are slightly higher. The exception is still state banks, since they have access to cheap assets. However, soon they will be forced to reduce the volume of mortgage loans.

In recent months, the mortgage market in Russia is growing confidently. Banks have almost already reached the pre -crisis level of the volume of mortgage loans issued, but the second round of crisis prevented. Now in Russian banks, a mortgage can be taken at a rate of 11.5% to 14%.

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