How to make a French garden on your own site

The real estate market of the Northern capital today is full of a large amount of offers. The world-famous search engine gives in less than a second more than seven hundred thousand links about the housing stock of St. Petersburg. Those who want to become the owner of an apartment in this city are guided exclusively by their preferences and put forward clear requirements for new buildings of the Northern capital. Potential buyers on the conditions favorable for them are offered new buildings in the city center, just erected houses in sleeping areas, as well as a high stage of readiness real estate and many objects, the foundation of which has been laid down only recently. Therefore, who wants to buy an apartment in a new building today is given a large selection.

It’s no secret that the sale of apartments in the new buildings of St. Petersburg is now very active. New buildings attract more and more buyers thanks to the good quality of their construction. In the construction of new houses and housing complexes, modern building materials are used, the latest technologies, the latest architectural and design developments are used. New apartments in St. Petersburg are characterized by increased comfort, reliable engineering communications, ergonomic internal space. This is comfortable and safe housing. In addition, new buildings are a good way to invest your means. The one who acquires new apartments is still at the stage when the foundation is laid, in a couple of years can find up to thirty percent of the profit from the funds invested in the acquisition.

Having studied the proposals of apartments in the new buildings of St. Petersburg, we can conclude that the housing complex “Grand Surname” stands out among other new buildings. The real estate market indicates that there are not many housing objects in the central part of the city, especially the comfort class.

This complex is an original project in which everything is thought out so as to make the life of his residents comfortable for truly. Apartments here are completely affordable for buyers with average income. The complex surprises with a non -standard design of the surrounding area and entrances, the layouts of his apartments are simply admired. “Grand Surname” is a classic French style. On its territory you can see the famous monuments of French culture made in miniature.

Installment plan to buy an apartment in a residential complex is absolutely available. A big advantage of such payment is the conclusion of the contract immediately with the developer, and not with the bank, which eliminates the payment of high mortgage interest. The buyer is given a discount on the acquisition, with the initial payment of more than 30 percent of the cost of housing. The discount size will also be calculated based on the size of the first contribution. The balance of the amount is paid according to the individual installment schedule.

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