How to competently choose a real estate agency

If you decide to buy a house in Maykop or buy an apartment in any other Russian city, you should contact the real estate agency, since there are many nuances whose ignorance can turn into troubles. All subtleties are known only to a professional.

The choice of real estate agency should be approached very seriously and it is worth starting with a survey of your friends. Surely, one of them has already helped Realtor. This will be the best option. If you did not have one, you will have to focus on some rules in the selection criteria.

First of all, pay attention to how long the agency has been engaged in real estate activities. In Russia, the very first agencies began to open around 1990.

The next landmark for you should be the size of the agency. That is, how many offices are open and how many people are busy with him. Large agencies always value their reputation, and try not to tarnish their business.

Remember that there are realtors’ associations in the Russian Federation, and participation in them suggests that the real estate agency works, observing the codes of the ethics of these associations. As a rule, in the association itself there is a commission that permits disputes that can arise between agencies, as well as between the agency and their clients. The largest associations include the Russian Guild of Realtors, as well as the Moscow Association of the Realtors Guild. When choosing assistants, pay attention to this very significant fact.

Do not forget that the Internet is an excellent source of information. People willingly share any information on forums or in their diaries.

However, there are exceptions to each rule, and it is possible that the newcomer in this market will provide you with a service at the old -timer level, or even better. After you have chosen the agency, proceed to the choice of your agent, since a lot depends on personal qualities, and sometimes even everything.

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